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“The whole crew is amazing”

The whole crew is amazing. Gentle and truly caring. The environment is super clean and I’ve never had to wait very long past my appointment time. They are all very friendly And there is always an upbeat feeling in the office.I recommend them highly.

Barbara C.


“Dr. Franz is great, very knowledgeable and does good work”

Dr. Franz is great, very knowledgeable and does good work. Father-in-law had some pretty serious work done by Franz, wound up seeing a different dentist out in Utah for a separate issue. That dentist went out of his way to say that Franz’s work was really really good. Been great with an implant I had to have, and the hygienists are really good, too.

Anthony K.


“Wonderful dentist and staff”

Wonderful dentist and staff. Very pleased.

Sarah M.


“Very knowledgeable staff”

Very knowledgeable staff. I love that Dr. Dallas and Kaili showed me the pictures of the exact spots that need work. Trustworthy.

Becky C.


“Excellent dental hygienist”

Excellent dental hygienist and Excellent Dr Frantz! Great work and friendly

Charis M.


“Kaehli is so thorough cleaning my teeth”

Kaehli is so thorough cleaning my teeth, I don’t worry about dental problems. I seldom have any dental work needed. Thank you, Kaehli!

Ann M.


“They listen to your concerns”

Thank you for my wonderful check-up today, Dr. Frantz and staff. As always, my mouth feels fantastically clean. Great experience every single time. They listen to your concerns and always make sure that you are comfortable. Great communicators. So lucky to have them.

Mitchell F.


“always alleviate my dental anxiety”

Dr. Dallas Frantz is so caring and compassionate. The entire team always manage to alleviate my dental anxiety. I have been to numerous dentists in my life, but Minnehaha Dental is by far the best. Highly recommend for anyone.

Giselle D.


“Got me in the same day”

Due to a terrible fall, I had to find a dentist quickly. Dr. Frantz and staff got me in the same day by accomodating for the occasion. Very organized, friendly, professional, and comfortable with how they handled my crown. Outstanding work!

Andrew D.


“They were very detailed”

Dr. Dallas Frantz and the staff were extremely kind. You could see they wanted to make everyone comfortable, which is really important to me having anxiety with dentists. Once we got into the back, they were very detailed with any question I had and really explained their process. I also really loved that they walk you to the front and explain to the staff in the front what needs to be said. 

Vanessa A.


“Very satisfied with the visit”

Cleaning was done in a very personable and professional manner. X-rays were taken comfortably. The follow-up visit appointment was made to fit my time and scheduled easily as requested. Very satisfied with the visit and all the dental staff involved.

Mikey P.


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